Project H.E.R.

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Project H.E.R. (Help.Enlightenment. Resources) is a no-cost, comprehensive breast health services program available to women in Benton, Linn and Lincoln counties. The program provides awareness, education and support, from the time of a breast cancer diagnosis through survivorship.

The Project H.E.R. team consists of a nurse navigator, a clinical social worker, MammaCare specialists, and many volunteers who are breast cancer survivors.

Project H.E.R. provides free services for breast cancer patients through the financial assistance of The Corvallis Clinic Foundation, grants, and private donations.

One of the greatest resources available to you is our Breast Health Nurse Navigator, Joann Stutzman, RN, BSN, OCN. She can help you coordinate the maze of health care resources, understand the disease and your treatment options.

Joann can answer your many questions about treatment methods, surgery, time frames and side effects. She will help you understand the various medical doctors you will meet. If surgery is required, Joann stays in touch with you before and after surgery. She is available to you and your family for as long as needed.

You can contact our Project H.E.R. Breast Health Nurse Navigator directly or be referred by a health care professional. Joann works closely with all area physicians. Because a diagnosis of breast cancer is not usually considered a medical emergency, you can take several weeks to consider all of the information she will provide to you, to help you make the right decision for you.

Your physician will discuss the treatment time frame with you, and our Project H.E.R. Breast Health Nurse Navigator will help you understand your options. This includes providing you with the most accurate clinical information from books, qualified internet sites, and community programs. Through learning, you will regain a sense of control in your life and make informed decisions with your healthcare team.

Project H.E.R. provides patients with mentors who are uniquely qualified, as breast cancer survivors, to offer insight to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. They are volunteers who serve patients free of charge throughout Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties. Project H.E.R. mentors help women find the right medical service providers, maneuver through the appropriate channels and get the latest information.

Our Project H.E.R. mentors are guided by a licensed social worker, and are trained to provide much needed support. This peer support may be the most powerful therapy a woman with cancer initially receives.

You can learn a more confident approach, proven to be more effective, for self-breast exam in the intimacy of a small-class setting. Our MammaCare introductory class is just 90 minutes long, and is taught by registered nurses who are certified Mammacare specialists. You can choose added individual sessions with a personal learning system loaner for home practice and a one-on-one follow- up appointment with one of the instructors. Donations help support Project H.E.R., suggested contribution for the introductory class is $20; and for the more advanced individualized session it is $35. Scholarships, sponsorships and group classes are available.

Community awareness for breast health risk education is available throughout the year at Project H.E.R. Education Day, Lunafest, OSU Dam Cancer Events, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and by appointment.

Call for H.E.R.
For more information on Project H.E.R., to become a mentor or to schedule a MammaCare class for your group, call (541) 738-2065.